Fighting Spreadsheet Blight in Business Today


Love them or hate them. spreadsheets have become an essential part of everyday life in the modern business world.

Like any other tool - in the right hands - spreadsheets can be used to produce great results, Their capacity to cope with a wide range of inputs, with a simple user interface, can produce near-instantaneous results for little effort and cost. Conversely, in the wrong hands, the results can be at worst, disastrous, and at the very least embarrassing. The gallery of spreadsheet failures is packed  - with new case-studies being added at what ought to be regarded at an alarming rate.

But those alarm bells seem to be falling on deaf ears year after year, one spectacular failure after another. Is it because people and organisations do not hear those alarms - or because of that human trait that other people's problems could not possibly happen to them - that is, of course, until it does.

Our mission at Spreadshite is to shake things up - to get you to think again about spreadsheets that you might be creating, or that others around you are using to take critical business or personal decisions with. How are those sheets being developed, used and maintained? Who is checking them and looking for errors? And indeed whether they are being chosen as the right tool for the job in hand?

We'd love to hear your views and experiences too - so please join us in the debate on Twitter and our blog.

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